Thursday, May 10, 2007

Why can't Heidi and Lauren just get along?

I was a pure TV addict. My addiction began with the normal fare, a few hours of Sports Center, maybe the occasional gameshow before an episode of Lost. Eventually things started to spiral out of control and I began to watch shows like The Real World, The HillsI Love New York. But I wouldn't just watch them, I would anticipate watching them with great excitement.

My interest in Survivor's 9th installment was sure to keep my waist line expanding and my brain in first gear. Fed up with myself after watching the season premier of The Bachelor, An Officer and A Gentleman I called Time Warner. After a few minutes of button pushing and yelling "agent" into the phone, our cable was cancelled. Ironically, we still get the Food Channel. Clearly some sort of divine message.

So, now we have NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and the Food Network. Much more reasonable than 200 channels. The cableless house experiment is allowing us to get back to enjoying all the wonderful things New York has to offer but more importantly encouraging gym time. Now, the only place I can catch the occasional sportscenter rerun or I Love New York episode is on the treadmill at the gym. I did however buy the third season of Northern Exposure; on DVD to limit withdrawl symptoms.

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