Friday, April 6, 2007

Did this really happen? - as told by Annie

Did this really happen? Last night Al and Pete showed up to their first pre-season basketball game. They faced about 30 guys who may or may not be body doubles for NBA players in their spare time.

One of them pitied them enough, or was kind enough, not sure which, to play on their team, which he lovingly nicknamed, "Team Dow Jones." The punishment ended with a final score of something like 46-6. Naturally, though, the play didn't end before one of the opposing team members alley ooped the ball to another NBA-body double resulting in a slam dunk. Shouts of "Let it rain! Let it rain!" followed.

At least they burned some calories and looked fresh in their new $15.00 Starbury II kicks.- Annie

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Dr Michelle Tempest said...

Just checked out your blog - great stuff... I'm sure that this blog will also support others loosing weight. I'm afraid I have little knowledge about basketball - but love the shoes! keep up the great work. Michelle