Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the winner is...

Steve Lee has regained his title as the El Cubano Gordo champ.

After 120 days of working out (and running around with 5 kids) Steve pumped out 38 to-the-floor push ups and lost 20 pounds, generating 15.34 El Cubano Gordo points. His perseverance is a guide post and inspiration to all aspiring losers like us.

We should also raise our glasses to the other participants who lost a few and trained to push up perfection. Chris Brand lost 7 pounds and pumped out an amazing 58 push ups for a combined 12.77 El Cubano Gordo points. Angelique edged out Annie and came in third place, showing that even skinny people can place in the El Cubano Gordo contest. Angelique lost 3.2% of her body weight and completed 53 push ups. You can view her awesome effort by clicking here

Annie came in fourth after losing 6 pounds and completing 42 push ups. Pete Meyers, last year's winner, rounded out the top 5 with a 2 pound weight loss and 57 push ups (although we lack video evidence to support the feat).

Honorable mentions go out to Niza who lost 6 pounds and cranked out 12 push ups and to the other 8 contestants who didn't gain weight. While we didn't hit our goal numbers, the contest helped those of us on the pudgier side to avoid gaining even more.

I myself am already nostalgic for ECG3 and am ramping up my efforts to get fit. Until ECG4, stay healthy and congrats to everyone.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

El Cubano Gordo Party, 4/25/09

Note: you must RSVP to this invitation.

We dieted, we worked out.

Then we stopped dieting and stopped working out.

Let's celebrate the El Cubano Gordo competition* anyway! Please join us for a dinner celebration Saturday, April 25 at 8pm at

460 Greenwich Street near Watts Street

The menu is a prix fixe (menu below) and includes dinner, beer and wine, tax and tip for $50 a person.

Bring your appetite, your party hats, and your excuse for not losing weight. For those of you who did not participate in this weight-loss competition, bring your best sympathetic faces and nods for us losers. PLEASE RSVP to Annie (anniemuza@yahoo.com).

*The final day of the El Cubano Gordo challenge was supposed to include a weigh-in and push-up challenge. This still might happen depending on amount of beer/wine consumed (don't worry non-participants, you will not have to do these things.)

PARA EMPEZAR family style

Terracotta shrimp sizzling in olive oil and garlic

Assorted grilled pizzas

ENTRADAS choose one

Rigatoni Bolognese with plum tomato sauce and aged Manchego cheese

Linguini with baby cockles, parsley, garlic, olive oil and white wine

Chicken Milanese lightly breaded and fried with tomato bruschetta and mashed potatoes

Bistecca Sandwich with melted mozzarella and chimichurri on baguette with side of fries