Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dahon Urban Folding Bikes

My Little Red Bike

I just returned from a four day trip to San Diego. After hitting the Burrito circuit and making several pilgrimages to Our Lady of the In N Out I returned carrying more than just some extra luggage.

Fortunately, during our visit Sandy took me to a bike store where I bought a Dahon folding bike designed for urban riding. I've never owned a car and it's kinda funny that my first personal transportation purchase is a 16 inch tall folding cherry Red bike that caps out at 10 miles per hour and is appropriately branded the Curve.

But I stood tall today as I rode my Curve on her 1.25 mile inaugural voyage from West 22nd street to Houston and Broadway. Hopefully it helps out a bit with the fitness level and burns off some extra calories.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

EGAD - 230!!!

The post El Cubanon Gordo contest world is ugly. All of the sudden those mini snickers bars are everywhere I go, slices of pizza at 2am sound like a good idea and gallons of ice cream are making it into the grocery store cart.

Sadly, until today the scale had been gathering dust in a closet corner. Noticing a bit of a bulge in the stomach, I crept back on and noticed that my weight is back up to 230. A full 8 lbs heavier than on our weigh in day.

So today I'm back to finding ways to cut calories. Electroshock therapy, cottage cheese and spray stuff when cooking are all up for consideration.