Monday, April 9, 2012

Setting Goals

As this competition nears its end, it’s important to remember your goal for the end of ECG. I don’t mean a number that you’d like to see on the scale, or even the money that you hope to win. What I mean is, what will be your long-term take away from 12 weeks of my mostly-unread blog posts and weekly nags to send me your weights?

I think goals are key. My short-term goal is to have completed 60 workouts (40-60mins duration each) during ECG VI—today, I will finish workout 46. I really want to be in the best shape that I can. My short-term motivations are physically demanding vacations to Patagonia and Alaska in May and June. My long-term goals are to keep up with the same ECG “tricks” so that if/when ECG VII rolls around, that I’m not back where I started this year, or worse, where I was when I started ECG V.

You only lose weight one pound (heck, one ounce) at a time, so it’s important that these goals are realistic, especially because concentrating on your goals can really help carry you through. What goals are you thinking about when you pass on dessert or are sweating at the gym?


Mary L. said...

I have a lot of goals - probably too many! 1 for sure is that if there is another ECG, I cannot start off weighing MORE than what I end up weighing at the end of this one. For me, holidays, vacations, days off seem to trigger an "all you can eat buffet" mentality. So for me, 1 goal is to eliminate this way of thinking. That's just one of my goals! I definitely have a # in mind when it comes to my long term weight goal. In the short term, for this ECG, I am targeting 178. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Mary! You said weekly weights are good ways for you to stay on track. If you want, after ECG VI, you and I can check in weekly to keep each other on track.

Mary L. said...

That would be great, Sandy. Thank you!