Monday, April 2, 2007

Lacey Stone - Fitness Goddess

A few days ago I attended "The Big Game" class at the gym . I got up at 6am because The Big Game bills itself as an "athletic-inspired full-body conditioning class to get your heart pumping. Alternate between high and low intensity athletic drills while you train your brain to have the mentality of an athlete." Sounded like something I needed.

I walked into the studio, always intimidated because I'm paranoid that someone is thinking, Oh great another hairy sweaty guy to smell up the room. Everyone seemed nice enough, though, and together we positioned our steps and weighted balls. After we were all in place, Stone, the instructor and a former Division 1 b-ball player started yelling into one of those head mikes. I felt like I was in high school Phys Ed all over again, but this time Mr. Economo (that really was his name) was Lacey Stone. We did some jumping jacks, some modified suicides, a little running in place, and fake jump roping. 45 minutes later, sweatier than I've ever been, I huddled around Stacey with the other class members. She yelled "Hands in!" and we all yelled "Together." It was great preparation for our first basketball team practice.

Oh, and for the record Mr. Economo had this real aversion to cursing. Each time you cursed you had to give him 25 pushups per letter. I never knew eff bombs could get you into shape.

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Anonymous said...

Why do we say 'jump roping' when it's really rope jumping? Or jumping rope?