Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Happens When A Republican Joins the FIW

I have finally learned how to use this internets thing. After some thought, I have sent my check to Albert and have committed myself to winning the FIW contest and losing at least 20 lbs by the first week of August.

More importantly I would like add a charity component to the August weigh in day. I think that Noah and I should in fact box each other when we conduct the final weigh in on August 4th. I propose that spectators pay $20.00 to watch us box. The winner will have the privilege of designating a charity of choice for the money collected. Clearly, in NYC my conservative leanings and charity of choice will likely make Noah the crowd favorite. I also have messages for two of my competitors:

Steve -I kicked your butt in Volleyball when we faced off in our high school Alumni Tourny. Sadly, you can expect more of that during the FIW contest.

Albert "the blog communist" - I hope you don't censor this post. I think your going to finish dead last. I know you canceled your Time Warner Cable subscription because you were addicted to The Hills and Road Rules. Given your slow weight loss I suggest you also throw away your bread maker.

Until the next post
Frankie P.Publish

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Anonymous said...

At least the FIW brings together different political voices to encourage weight loss.