Thursday, April 26, 2007

What is Trans Fat?

I had a rotten food day yesterday. It started with a morning croissant and ended with a cheeseburger from The Outback Steakhouse. I don't know what drove me to self destruction yesterday or worse, why I was drawn to the Outback in a city filled with the world's best independent cheeseburgers.

After my Australian-style splurge I kept thinking about the trans fats in my croissant and cheeseburger. I felt confused and angry about Bloomberg's recent campaign against trans fats. Confused because I was now worried about my trans fat consumption and angry because I don't even know what they are! So for those Fat is Wackers who, like me, need some fat clarity and a good laugh I introduce you to the latest in fat learning technology: the Bad Fat Brothers website. If you're not feeling the Sat and Trans Fat brothers you can bypass the toons and go direct to the American Heart Association's website where you can get the facts as published by the AHA.

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