Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Watch out, fellow Fat is Whackers!

I have been silent long enough! I am here to warn you that Steve is a man on a mission and he will stop at nothing. (Not even sabotaging his own wife!) Yes, Steve, you read correctly. This is my story:

I'm not an official Fat-is-Whacker but Al's weight loss journey had inspired me to start my own and on Monday 4/2/07 I started. I was highly motivated and by that Friday I had lost 5 lbs. by cutting the carbs. (I think I may have exercised once.) Then Sunday came. It was Easter. In all honesty, I had planned to continue with my strict diet plan. That was my true intention. But when I went downstairs for breakfast Steve said to me, "we should just go ahead and 'be bad' today and then we'll get back on track tomorrow." And I fell for it! Since then, I have stayed derailed whilst Steve (aka the little engine that could) has gone on to lose some ridiculous amount of weight.

I take no accountability for my actions, including for that delicious Philly cheese steak wrap that I just polished off and which would be very nicely complemented by a chocolate chip cookie in about 15 minutes. It's all Steve's Fault. The rest of you - be forewarned!

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D. Steven Lee said...

This is so wrong in so many ways. I can't believe even my own wife has turned on me. Who gave her the ability to post? Thanks Al.