Saturday, July 7, 2007

Weighing in on weigh ins

I think the answer to your conundrum Al and Ian is to not weigh in every day. I think as a general rule weighing in once a week (at the same time of day, preferably with as little on as possible) is the best option. If you have to check in more frequently than that, twice a week is the tops I would go. This way you can preserve your own sanity and also hold yourself more accountable for the time between weigh ins.

Al, I too have fallen prey to the "I lost a lb from yesterday and will now eat burgers" thinking (except in my case it was cheese sauce at Dave and Buster's, who I have recently discovered are definitely not my friends). By only giving yourself the option to gloat or sulk once or twice a week, you eliminate those urges.


Mary L. said...

I totally agree with you, Colleen. But I must admit that I myself am a "scale slut".

I can also totally relate to Ian's post. There are some days that I swear that the earth's gravitational pull has shifted because there is no way in hell that I could gain 3 lbs. in one day! My 'favorite' is when people say, "Muscle weighs more than fat." That's a good one.

Colleencita said...

Ummm, that totally happened to me this morning. I had weighed myself yesterday just to get a preview of what the week would bring and actually was down a pound and a half, and this morning i had gained two. Boooooooooooo. Can't win!