Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Slow Start...

Me & my son on New Year's Eve

When I woke up this morning the first thing that crossed my mind was, “oh crap! I’m supposed to weigh in today.” I know this is the last thing that my team wants to hear and I am so sorry, guys! For whatever reason, even though I weighed in last Sunday and my husband sent our weights into Annie, it was sometime mid-week when it really hit me that it was “go-time”. And for whatever other reason(s) (client visit, stressful work week, class cocktail party, plain ol’ lack of motivation), I just did not get my rear in gear this week.

But now I am freaked out. The nice (and not so nice) aspect of this format for El Cubano Gordo is that when you have a bad week, there are 3 other people you are letting down. And I am definitely feeling the peer pressure this morning. It’s sort of like when you were in college and had a big paper to write and kept procrastinating until the day the paper was due… then you freaked out a bit, but got to work and ended up creating the best work of your college career. That’s the effect I am going for.

So since I didn’t lose anything this week, I am putting this commitment out there (so I will be 100% held accountable by the ECG competitors)… next week, my weigh in will make up 2 weeks worth of weight loss. (I have a number in mind but don’t want to give the competition too much info.)

So how did everyone else do this week???


Ian said...

oh man, you have someone who's 133 lbs on your team, i hope that person is REALLY REALLY SHORT or else it's gonna be tough!

Mary said...

Yeah... I used to be 133... in EIGHTH GRADE!!