Sunday, February 27, 2011

Alternative Forms of Motivation

There is no doubt a variety of motivations at work among our various ECG competitors -- look better, feel better, get healthier, don't let teammates down, win the money! Here's a gym that provides a novel form of motivation (you pay more if you don't go!)...

Another interesting form of (negative) motivation: In an email response to the "pay more for not going to the gym" concept, someone wrote: "My sister once lost several dozen pounds after writing a large check to the David Duke campaign and giving the check to my brother with instructions to mail it if she didn't lose the weight by a set date. It worked."

Given I've been in last place in ECG and need some more motivation, I think I'll try this latter strategy. So: Annie - my check to Sarah Palin's presidential campaign is in the mail. If I do not weigh 190lbs or less by May 15, then please proceed with mailing it in. No turning back now!

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Mary L. said...

Great idea, Chris! I wish you well (actually I don't since you're not on my team! Go Palin! LOL)

Of course, like all good ideas, someone else actually created a website with this very theme: where you "wager" by committing your money to a friend, charity or anti-charity if you don't meet your goal. Pretty cool!