Monday, March 26, 2007

Forgive me father for I have sinned! Mortal Diet Sin #1

Over the weekend I celebrated a friend's wedding. After the party a group of us descended on the hotel bar to continue the festivities. Faced with 30 hungry people fighting over a few trays of nuts I committed Mortal Diet Sin #1. At midnight I dialed Domino's pizza to order the dreaded midnight snack....the standard conversation began. "Hello, this is Domino's, please hold" - She returned a few moments later "May I take your order" - the damage was nearly complete. I answered "Can I have 4 Large Pizzas?" 35 minutes later, 4 large thin crust cheese pizzas arrived. The adult pizza party began. Like vultures over a carcass the crowd devoured 6,112 calories worth of pizza in just a few minutes. Pleased with ourselves we continued drinking late into the night.

Only today, a few days after the infidelity occurred did I begin to realize the grave nature of my sins. Each of those tiny thin crust pizzas had 1,528 calories, 66 fat grams and 68 g of protein. I shudder to think at the number of slices I ate. Next time I start jonesing for a late night pizza I'll be sure to click here to check out the "nutritional" content of a standard pizza and remind myself to stick with the salted bar nuts.

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