Monday, March 19, 2007

Shake Shack is OPEN!

I learned that the Shake Shack opened unofficially today. I immediately checked out the live camera people use to gauge the Shake Shack line.

Later, I spent a few minutes looking at their menu and found nothing that might even masquerade as a healthy lunch choice. That said I can't give up on the place. I need a plan of attack for how to deal with my summer burger craving. Maybe I can permit a handful of shake shack visits to myself between now and Labor Day and do my best to abstain from both the fries and and the shakes. I'll need to check out the caloric value of a frozen custard - but I'm not keeping my fingers crossed.

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AKA ALEX said...

Al, you should check out trader joes...they have a ton of healthy food that's easy to cook and mostly devoid of nasty preservatives and artificial ingredients.

I’m partial to the frozen Asian style dinners and Indian food.

Great Blog...keep it up.


P.S. I'm down for racquetball on the weekend.