Wednesday, March 21, 2007

George Bush Eats Cuban Food?

This morning Annie and I arrived in Miami. Straight off the plane we headed to Versailles to eat classic Cuban pastelitos. Versailles is the place to go in Miami if you want to rant about Fidel while sipping extra strong coffee. The place is also well known for their pastelitos which are sweet, flaky pastries filled with chicken, beef, cream cheese or guava paste. Our pastelito de guyaba (the guava one) and cafe con leche set us back 386 calories: 250 for the pastry and another 136 or for the coffee.

Oh and it just so happened that while we were there we ran into President Bush. He's still thanking Floridians for getting him elected again, and he was photographed thanking this Cuban woman for her four votes in the 2000 election.

Box of Cuban Pastries Below (250 Calories Each)

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