Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Noah Sends a Message

Our newly formed basketball team held its first practice last Sunday. Two days have passed and my legs still feel like concrete. I'm hopeful that our 8 game schedule combined with our Sunday practices will help shed some collective weight. Noah sent a very deliberate message to the team when he arrived at the court eating a salad.

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Unknown said...


Did you not see the Today Show this AM?! Men surely loose those nasty L-B-S period, much swifter than women! I've had ten to lose for the past ten years. I don't know what that figures, but I do know that a polluted environment may be a mighty factor in weight gain--verses loss. Toxins are stored in fat and so the question arises--which comes first, the chicken or the egg--internal pollution or fat as storage bins!
Either way, it's best to dismiss all such considerations and shoot 3 pointers zealously and eat salads in 2s! ( I should think Noah would ascribe to such a practice quite easily.)

All best!