Monday, April 30, 2007

Steve Charges to The Lead

In week 4, Steve takes the lead in this 16-week battle. Steve, who came to the United States at age 14 by way of Jamaica, weighed in today at 197.5 lbs bringing his total weight loss to 7.5 lbs. Each week Steve posts a modest number, but today the consistent effort paid off with a first place ribbon.

Tom is not far behind with a total weight loss of 6.5 lbs. He started the competition at 198 and has
managed to get down to 191.5 over the four-week period. Tom's star burned bright in weeks 1 and 2 when he lost 8 lbs, but he hasn't lost a pound since the competition’s second week.

I gained a half pound this week but am fairly certain it was all muscle and had nothing to do with the three or four cheeseburgers I consumed. Overall, I've shed 5 pounds.

At the bottom we have Frank and Noah battling for the title of Mr. Irrelevant. They both started the competition as our light weight competitors weighing in at 180 and 182. To date Noah has shed 2.4 lbs and Frank 2 lbs.

Collectively, we didn’t lose any weight, so it wasn’t a great group effort this week. Despite this less-than-stellar showing, no one competitor has distanced himself from the pack, so competition is still strong. 12 remain until we crown the first Fat Is Wack Champion so tighten those belts.

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