Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekly Fat Tracker Report

Week 7 is in the record books with Tom, Steve and Frank reporting significant weight losses. Tom's quest to capture the first ever Fat Is Wack title was furthered this week by his 5 pound weight loss. Frank came in a close second this week with a 4 pound weight loss that displayed that he is still in the hunt. Steve dropped into second place in the overall standings after losing a solid 2.4 pounds.

Unfortunately, Noah and I stand "grim and unsmiling" this week after combining for a half pound weight gain. Noah and Al had this to say: "We want to apologize to everyone for this situation, including our families, our teammates, the Fat Is Wack organization, and our four fans"

"We understand that serving in the Fat Is Wack is an honor and that we have an obligation to behave in a manner that delivers weight loss"

Good luck Fat Is Wackers. We have 10 weeks left until we crown our first champion.

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