Monday, June 4, 2007

Fat Is Wacker of the Week - Steve L.

Reports are in for the week and I'm proud to report together we lost 7 pounds.

Steve wins Fat Is Wacker of the week after losing 4.6 pounds bringing his weight to 189.4. Steve, congratulations on bringing your weight under the 190 mark for the first time since 1995.

Frank lost 3.5 pounds this week clearly the result of the stress endured after watching the Democrats engage in an election winning debate last night.

I shed a pound and a half this week bringing my weight to 230.

Noah posted a modest weight lost of .6 pounds.

In sad news Tom's celebratory Thursday night cheeseburger and beer caused a solid 3 pound gain bringing him back into the 190s.

Our guest FIWer Mary lost 2 pounds bringing her weight to 173.

Two months to go....keep working hard.

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