Monday, June 18, 2007

Week 11 Update

Here are the numbers for week 11: Steve and I each lost two lbs. Frank is at home pounding his chest over the one lb he lost last week. Frank, six lbs over 12 weeks?

Tom added 1 lb, which isn't too bad considering the man put in a hundred hour work week. Noah remains incommunicado while traveling in Europe.

All together the group lost 5 lbs last week bringing our grand total to 62 lbs lost. Not too shabby for 11 weeks. I myself feel a great sense of relief to be under 230 for the first time in a few years. With 47 days left it will be interesting to see if we can continue our march to 100 lbs lost.

In other important news, another guest female has joined the contest. Colleen plans to audit the FIW contest over the next 6.5 weeks to help her lose an estimated 7- 10 pounds. Today she weighed in at 137 pounds. She is another Cuban-American Miami native transplanted to NYC , so we’re keeping the contest loyal to its Cuban/ Miami / NYC roots.

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Anonymous said...

No offense to anyone, but as an avid FIW reader, I believe that it is poluting the competition to allow people into the contest at 137 pounds unless said person is under 4 feet tall.

If necessary, said person can join the "ISIOETOICSIAMBMIDNSTIAO-IW" (I-Swear-I'm-Overweight-Even-Though-Only-I-Can-See-It-And-My-Body-Mass-Index-Does-Not-Show-That-I-Am-Obese-IS-WACK) competition.

The sanctity of the competition is at stake but this is just my two cents. All parties have kept relatively honorable. For example, you don't see Frankie cutting off his abnormally weighty thumbs to drop a few extra ounces.

Side note confessional: I felt compelled to write in for the first time after eating 3/4ths of a medium pizza, two 20 ounce cokes and then heading right to the scale and weighing in at 13 pounds heavier than when I moved to Atlanta 8 months ago.

Side note stats: Said pizza was devoured near midnight tonight. Final slice was thrown away instead of stored. 40 half-push ups followed the eating orgy (the first 12 or so were full pushups).

ISIOETOICSIAMBMIDNSTIAO-IW competition has been copyrighted.