Thursday, June 28, 2007

What is a Grilled Cuban Style Panini?

I enjoy going out to eat at restaurants and having dinner delivered to me, perhaps too much. The food I make at home just doesn't seem to taste as good. I'm sure 90% of the taste differential happens because of my limited kitchen skillz, but the other 10% occurs because at home I don't drown my meals in butter or oil.

It is also challenging to find the time to cook at home with our busy lives. A few months ago I discovered that Whole Foods has a newsletter you can pick up while shopping or on the web titled Meals for Four Under $15.00 The meals are designed for the busy weeknight cook. Though they usually err on the side of healthy they are not always slimming. A few weeks ago the newsletter featured a recipe for a "Cubano panini" (pictured here). Aside from the fact that Cuban sandwiches are not paninis, my instinct tells me you're better off eating the Whole Foods home made version rather than the one served at Versailles on 8th street.

For those of you who don't have a Whole Food nearby or prefer Publix like I do, you can download some of the recipes here and substitute your local grocer's generic brand for the 365 Whole Foods brand.

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Ian said...

mmmmmm, the one thing that Atlanta, is missing. A good cuban restaurant. It appears that lating american and mexican are synonymous here. oh well. I'll try this recipe, except i'll use cuban bread and press it.