Sunday, July 8, 2007

9 years ago I weighed what?

Mary, First, let me apologize for wearing that horrible tie to your engagement party. When is paisley ever a good fashion choice for a 22 year old?

I remember that summer well. Steve had just graduated from B.C. and I had just returned from a summer in Juarez, Mexico where I had busted my now very large Cuban butt working 18 hour days as a volunteer on a construction site.

I weighed 180 lbs when this photo was taken and still have that suit in my closet. It was the first real suit I ever owned and have a very clear memory of buying it at the Brooks Brothers Outlet in St. Augustine, Florida. Today, after seeing the photo you posted I blew the dust off those old front pleated Brooksease trousers and tried to gently insert my left leg into the pants. Lets just say that I felt like the Incredible Hulk trying on a pair of Bruce Banner's trousers. Annie took this photo of me shortly after I tore the inner seam of the pants.


Ian said...

aw man, good posts.. i was laughing. the dejection on Al is hillarious.

Anonymous said...

LOL - I think the tie is cute. You look so preppy. I bet your socks were paisley too.

Al - I believe in you. You can do it! I know sometimes it feels like this weight loss thing is so slow, but imagine - - that picture was 9 years ago! For me, the time has flown by. If you were to lose 4 lbs a month (not a lofty goal), you would be in that Brooks Brothers suit by the end of a year!