Monday, July 16, 2007

El Jamaican Flaco

Vitals: Steve, 31, Miami, Florida

Occupation: Computer Programmer
Height: 6ft
Weight Before: 235 (2005), 205 (April 2007)
Current Weight: Less than last week.
Goal Weight: 180
Secret Weight Loss Weapon: 3 a day work outs and small frequent meals (every 3 hours).
How did you put the weight on? 3 pregnancies and frequent visits to my favorite fast food dining establishments.
The Change: What have you done differently over the last 3 months? The first thing I did was to stop eating at the favorite dining establishments above. I also changed my eating habits and adopted more natural foods like more fruits for snacks instead of chips. I also believe I have been very consistent with my exercising. I don't get a chance to do 3 a days everyday but I make sure to at least get 2 work outs in. I always try to make sure one of the workouts is fun. My example of fun is playing basketball at lunch or playing 2 hours of volleyball on the beach at night. You have to keep it interesting to not burn yourself out.
Plan of attack for the last 3 weeks? For the last three weeks, I plan on using my kids as wrist weights and my wife and baby as ankle weights. We couldn't get the wife and baby in the picture because the cat doesn't know how to hold the camera properly. Please see photo above. The rest is a secret and I really can't share anything more.

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