Monday, July 30, 2007

What's going on?

I'm certainly not the only one who has noticed that Al's blog entries have slowed down condsiderably as of late. Why could this be???

Well, I have done a bit of research and I have strong reason (and evidence) to believe that in an effort to win the FIW competition and blind side his competitors, Al has been at the Birchcreek Retreat (a health and weight loss retreat) in Shandaken, New York for the past few weeks. Here is link.:

"The evidence?" you ask. The proof is in the pictures. In the first image, that's Al on the far right holding the blue pool noodle (you can only see his right shoulder). In the second image, that's Al, again on the right, wearing the purple sweatshirt and black sweat pants.)

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Ian said...

lol, this was good.