Monday, February 11, 2008

The first two weeks of El Cubano Gordo II are over. Pete is this week's Fat is Wack Champ with a 3-lb weight loss. (Don't feel too intimidated; a stomach virus was the secret to his success.) Dea, following a more traditional fitness plan that included giving some guilty pleasures up for Lent, was close behind with a 2-lb loss.

And here's a look at what other FIWers are doing. We know Dea is counting on the 40 days of Lent to pull her through. Noah's daily routine involves bikram yoga, weight lifting, meditation, and some form of devotion to spaghetti squash. Some folks have signed up for a month of the Zone Diet, where 3 square meals are delivered to your doorstep each morning. Steve has posted the stats of each competitor on his wall so that when he wakes up each morning for the first of three workouts he is motivated. With 13 weeks remaining it is anyone's contest.

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