Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Week 6 Update - Tom H. Loses 3 Pounds!

Congrats to Tom (-3), Dea (-1) and Frank (-1) who each lost weight this week.
Chris Brand also lost 2 pounds this week, expanding his lead to a commanding 7 pounds. We can only hope that now that Chris is at his ideal weight he will go back to consuming 2 Big Macs a day and 4 sodas. Chris, the Hamburgler is calling. He misses you.
8 weeks (or so) remain. Plenty of time to add a few extra miles to your training regiment before the triathlon on May 4th.

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Al said...

Dad and I(Little Al), were reading the blog and its really fun to read:D. We miss you guys so much, and we would love to talk to you soon!!!
Love you