Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tri Times from Last Year

Last year a few El Cubano Gordo participants completed a Sprint
Triathalon in Key Biscayne Here were the times for the race ....and yes, despite starting a two minutes after our wave Annie did come out of the water before all of us


Annie: 8:50

Al: 10:55
Steve: 11:32
Frank: 13:33

Steve: 31:32
Al: 46:13
Frank: 48:27
Annie: 48:00

Steve: 23:27
Al: 36:04
Frank: 34:44
Annie: 36:00

Transition Times
Steve: 5:46
Al: 16:00
Frank: 11:10

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Unknown said...

Great Stuff. I would participate but I'm trying to GAIN weight not LOSE weight. Noah is clearly off to the best start, weighing more than he began.