Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 El Cubano Gordo Contestants and Rules

What is it?
A four-month-long weight loss and fitness contest to help you lose some of the extra weight you might have put on in 2008 (or the second half of 2008 if you participated in El Cubano Gordo 2).

When is it?
Start Date: January 1, 2009
End Date: April 25, 2009

Entry Fee:

Rules of the El Cubano Gordo Contest:
1. Contestants report initial weight on January 1, 2009.

2. Contestants must report weight via email or text every Sunday.

3. Winner is determined by the following formula:

% of Body Weight Lost + 0.15 point for every push up completed in a 60 second period. Example: 20% body weight lost + 30 push ups completed= 24.5 points

Women receive 0.3 points for every push up completed in the one minute period.

Footnote to Female Handicap for Strength Portion
Handicapping the strength portion will surely lead to some controversy. The multiplier is based on a 30 second push up contest that Annie and I completed this morning where I completed 15 and Annie 7, so, yes, we are assuming that all men and women share our strength differential.

Winner's Circle Gala and Weigh-In
This year's winner will be announced at a dinner celebration at Havana Central on April 25th at 8pm in NYC.

Contestants need to report final weight and demonstrate push up ability the morning of April 25th.

Participants are not required to be present for final weigh in. You only need to provide video proof of the push ups + weigh-in to qualify for the first prize.

1st Prize receives 75% of the purse
2nd Prize receives 25% of the purse

Please let me know if you will be participating.

Current Particpants
Cathy Salazar
Colleen Soriano
Chris Bell
Tom Hughes
Dea Hughes
Pete Meyers
Al Muzaurieta
Annie Muzaurieta
Steve Lee
Mary Lee
Ralph Rosado
Frank Pena
Millie Tonarely
Jorge Tonarely
Niza Tonarely
Andrea Tonarely
Ana Victoria Tonarely
Alex Vandevere

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