Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Lee Secret Weapon

I will follow up Tom's self report with a self report of my own. I weighed in a few minutes ago at 185! (That's almost a 10 lb. loss since the start of the competition. Read it and weep, fellow competitors!)

But I must admit that I have not prevailed over fat completely on my own. I have had a little help from my "friends" - namely a stomach virus and the flu since the competition started. Yeah! These "24 hour bugs" should be bottled up and sold! (along with a family size pack of Charmin and a small bucket to keep by the bed.)

So yes, there is a bright side to everything. In the past week I've been to the pediatrician twice (called at least 5 times,) been to the pharmacy for 4 different prescriptions, went one time to my own doctor, missed 3 days of work, been thrown up on & worshiped the porcelain goddess myself, been pooped on & have read 2 Shape magazines cover to cover on the toilet, been coughed on & have coughed a lot, have done approximately 25 loads of laundry, and there are still 2 kids left who have not yet been affected... good thing it's a long weekend. But after all is said and done, the most important thing is I LOST 10 LBS!

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