Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 4 Update - Frank Finishes the ING Marathon

Steve set a commanding pace this week with a five-pound weight loss. He credits a low-carb diet plus a few games of lunch-time basketball as his keys to success. Again he proves that we shouldn't count out the 2007 champion.

Frank Pena came in a close second this week with a four-pound weight loss. Frankie achieved a major fitness milestone this weekend by finishing the ING Miami Marathon in 5 hours and raising $1,800 for Leukemia research as a member of a Team in Training.

Honorable Mentions: Alejandra / Niza lost 1.5 pounds, Chris -1.2 lbs, Annie -.5lb, Colleen -.5lb, Cathy -.2 lb
Um Really:
Chris Brand +1.2

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