Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If the President can find the time...

Steve has five kids and has lost 17 pounds, Mary is the mother of that brood and has dropped 6, and Angelique has four children and is near the top of the weight-loss list. Not having time to work out can no longer be an excuse for the rest of us.

Seriously, guys. I don't want to name any names (self, Al), especially since I know some of you are crazy busy at work (Chris), but our President, the leader of the free world, who is dealing with issues like the economic crisis and Rush Limbaugh, finds the time to work out every morning. Let's make like the Pres and get fit (but don't smoke).

How about 20 minutes? You don't have 20 minutes in a given day? If you cut out a coffee break or one beer after work, you'd save some calories and fit in a workout.

The New York Sports Club has machines set up so that you can squeeze in a full-body workout that takes 22 minutes to complete.

I should've just addressed this to myself.

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