Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tom is Rope-a-Doping, Is Steve the Dope?

Re: I'm mad at you

Wednesday, February 25, 2009 10:29 From:

Annie, take it easy, haven't you heard of the rope-a-dope strategy? I'm confident I speak for al and chris when saying that we've taken steve's best punches, now he's tired and we're going to work. You don't win a marathon in the first 13 miles. Now that it's ash wed, I say its time to begin the serious physical deprivation, 40 days in a desert. With no dessert. Then we'll get our just deserts.

From: Annie Muzaurieta To: Al Muzaurieta ; Christopher O Bell ; Hughes, Thomas J (NYC) Sent: Tue Feb 24 12:02:06 2009Subject: I'm mad at you

Seriously--all three of you should be ashamed. Steve has 5 kids and has lost 17 pounds. ANgelique started at 119 (!!!!!) and has lost 4 pounds. HELLO, people?!

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D. Steven Lee said...

Thanks Annie for your support. Any motivation and fire they can put on paper is fine by me. I don't need much. I will post my response to this soon. Just don't have time because I am working out ;).