Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting Weights for El Cubano Gordo IV

We've got 16 contestants in the 2010 El Cubano Gordo which makes the starting pot $1,600. This year features former champs Steve Lee and Pete Meyers, who are back with plans to regain their former glory and physique.

Several competitors have a partner to work with: Husband-and-wife teams Steve and Mary Lee, Dea and Tom Hughes, and Chris and Kristi Brand will work together to shed the extra pounds.

Returning New Yorkers this year include Chris Bell, Colleen Soriano and Cathy Salazar, and they're joined by first-timer Rory O'Connor.

Ever-present contestants Al Muzaurieta and Frank Pena will once again throw their hats in the ring with hopes of coming out on top.

Rounding out our list of competitors are two women from Florida and Connecticut, who might have the work-out advantage due to climate and space.

The next three months will fly by, so let's get off to a good start. Good luck, everyone!


Mary said...

Thanks Al! I am excited but already off to a rough start - this "cold" miami weather gives me no motivation to shed my fat layer which is keeping me warm! lol

Pete said...

Good stuff, Al. I would have commented earlier but was too busy doing single-finger push-ups the past several hours.

Noah said...

I'm not officially competing but I clocked in at 171.4.

mama rosie said...

Mary, that cold Miami weather is also happening over here in Naples. Supposedly one's body burns more calories just trying to keep warm. As it is only 28 over here where I work - I'm planning on losing at least a pound a day just doing that!

Tom said...

Is that half-marathon bonus for real? This seems like shameless pandering to frankie, which begs the question of whether there's a side deal here. Why not bonus points if you score a hat trick in a soccer game?

Unknown said...

LOL, Tom said it right. The first thought that came to mind was a "Frank Pena handicap."