Monday, February 27, 2012

Battle of the Booze

Though this goes against the Lenten season we find ourselves in now, I’m a firm believer in not denying myself anything outright during “diet”/healthier eating phases of my life. They say that those who do deny themselves will just end up bingeing on whatever they’ve held back from. I opt for moderation—and though I’m a Libra—it’s not a quality that comes naturally to me whatsoever. Still, I do it because there are some things I will never give up entirely. And by “some things” I mean alcohol.

With ECG, I’m now having to make some choices. If I want to have a drink, I’m going to have to give up something else somewhere. Perhaps I’ll “drink my dessert” or have a lighter snack so that I can enjoy a glass of wine when cooking. And certainly, because I’m me, there will still be times where “going out for a few pints” will really be a few pints, followed by some organic beer at the Muzas, and topped off with some Coors Lights with Uncle Artie (no relation) at the Blarney Cove.

In case you don’t think those adult beverage calories will add up, check out this alcohol calorie counter.


Ian said...

i'm gonna need a soda calorie counter.

Anonymous said...

Ian--it's not a bad idea for a blog post. I'll put something together for later in the competition.