Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colin Myrtetus 5K

Steve & I were up bright and early on Saturday morning too, but I must say that the weather in Miami was WAY kinder than what you experienced.

This 5K was organized in memory of Colin Myrtetus, an Epiphany and Columbus Alumni who passed away suddenly last year at age 38.

The day was perfect for the event - cool & overcast. Steve has been battling a bad cold and so the morning of the 5K he made the wise decision to walk with me instead of run. He's still slightly upset about that.

I will say that for someone who has been pretty much sedentary for the last 4-5 months, I did pretty well, with an average 14:39 mile. But I was POOPED by the end of it. Somehow I convinced Steve to grab breakfast at McDonald's for us and the kids after the race (big ECG mistake) after which I proceeded to take a long nap. LOL

I am not looking forward to tomorrow's weigh in. I have been completely indulgent in my diet and Valentine's day was just another excuse to eat poorly. But, tomorrow is a new day!


Anonymous said...

Way to go you two! Well done on the 5K AND the blog post. Your photo array is so superior to mine.

Ian said...

what were ur times?

why didn't i get an invite?

how are you guys on the bottom of the list if u did a 5k?

this is gonna be a fun competition. i'm contemplating a Juice Fast since watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on netflix.

Mary said...

All that walking/jogging made me hungry for days!! My total time was 45:24.

I would invite you to the next one, but now that I know I won't get additional bonus points, forget it!! (j/k - I may do another in a few months to compare; I'll let you know.)