Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week 2 Results!

Week 2 results are in.**

Congrats again to Chris Brand who remains the weight loss percentage leader. Though Erica Sorg is close behind with 3 bonus points and almost 2% weight loss so far!

**A note to anyone who doesn’t respond with weights--other than my Wednesday morning email, I won’t chase you down, so if I don’t have weights by Wednesday night, on Thursday I will report using your last weigh-in weight with an asterisk noting non-reporting for the week. This seems fair to me, but let me know if you have a problem with that--or, just email me your weights.


Mary said...

I just want to send a special thanks and shout out to Ian - the best brother in law ever for purposefully gaining weight this week so that I wouldn't be alone at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Thanks, bro.

Tom said...

i'm just about with you mary...but everyone, chris was also ahead after the swim -- the first part of the 2009 tri). Ask him how that turned out.

-- 2009 tri champ

Ian said...

The Lee's, bringing up the rear. Shout out to my friend Marcelo. glad u could join us at the bottom. LMAO. Special Tip for all: Do NOT eat an 8oz filet mignon, 1/2 a red snapper, crab cake appetizers, 3 sprites, and 12 ounces of valentine's day chocolate leading up to the weigh in.