Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"I'll Take the Salad" (or maybe not)

Yesterday, my best friend shared this with me. I almost burst into tears. It had to be that #1 on this list is my meal of choice when we hit Cheesecake Factory. The worst part is that when I order it, usually whoever I'm with will make a comment like, "Oh, you're being so good." Well, I guess not!

Of course, immediately after reading the article I got hungry and headed downstairs for lunch at the company cafeteria. Despite the informative article, I made the mistake of ordering a specialty salad - the buffalo chicken salad. My weight last night and this morning proved to me that the salad I ordered for lunch probably belongs up there with those other salads in the article. I admit that even as I was ordering it, I knew better. The Buffalo chicken salad included - breaded chunks of buffalo chicken, crumbled bleu cheese, bacon, yummy string fried onions, and ranch dressing (which I ordered on the side, but clearly the dressing wasn't the only problem with this salad.)

And now, it's lunch time again. I know they have the same salad downstairs today and after describing its yumminess it's going to be tough not to order it. Pray for me!


Anonymous said...

Just say no to salads, unless you make them at home, or know that you're getting a non-gut-busting option. Salads can still be delicious AND healthy--I promise. Stay strong Mary and thanks for posting!

Ian said...

oh man, santa fe is a GOOD salad. the good news is that it's impossible to eat it all. lol

annieb said...

I will never give up on the Cobb salad! It's my favorite. Maybe just not every day.