Thursday, May 24, 2007

10% of American Deaths caused by Sloth

I read today that about "10% of deaths in America are caused by sloth, as are about 23% of chronic illnesses. The average american spends 3 hours watching TV each day and 101 minutes driving but less than 19 minutes exercising." - Harvard Men's Health Watch

6 months ago I was quickly on the road to becoming part of that 10%. When I first started losing weight at the beginning of 2007, I would go to the gym and try to ride the eliptical machine for as long and as hard as possible. After a few minutes I was exhausted and emotionally drained. Immediately my mind would drift and start to think about when I could run 3miles in x number of minutes, when I could bench press x, or when I weighed 190 pounds.

Very quickly I had to readjust my attitude to learn that when you are really out of shape you simply have to accept your current limitations. That lesson is serving me well now because I just started running again. Running for me is probably not the best exercise because of my fragile knees but I know it’s a great cardio work out that delivers great results. So, a few days ago I ran a quarter mile. Yesterday, I took my knee brace and eeked out .30 tenths of a mile. I'm hoping to lose enough weight so that I get enough stability in my left quad to be able to pound out 3 miles in under 24 minutes. Even if I'm never able to run again I know that I'm doing my best to not be part of the 10% of Americans who die at the mercy of the remote control.

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Tom said...

I'm impressed the avg american spends 19 min exercising. does that include time spetnt walking from the couch to the fridge, or parking lot to store?