Sunday, April 15, 2007

Petty Accusations and Jealousy

After Team Dow Jones' practice Saturday, I was accosted by a teammate and fellow Fat is Wack participant, who shall remain nameless but let's call him Dan, or Miss Maryland. Dan and I started talking about the team, etc. but he quickly launched into a diatribe, falsely accusing me of lying about my weight in the Fat is Wack competition! Dan then mocked and questioned my home scale. I was aghast. What have I entered into? Is this a beauty pageant with the contestants sniping behind each other's backs?
Miss Maryland then blasted some other Fat is Wack members: "Steven Lee will lose weight the fastest, but not the most...I taught Frankie everything he knows about poker, and I'll do the same on weight loss. My eating system is perfect."
Guys (and the miss), I hope we can keep the tone positive, and regardless, Dan, it all comes down to August 1.

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