Friday, April 20, 2007

Good Old Fashioned Push Ups

I knew when I began my weight loss efforts that tracking pounds lost wouldn't paint the whole picture. There were other fitness metrics I wanted to track over time, but I didn't know specifics so I completed a free general fitness assessment at my gym. The service is available to all new members, and the assessment measured push-up capacity, VO2, body fat, weight girth. I completed a reassessment last Friday and saw some positive results.

1. Push Up Capacity: Increased by 100% from 10 to 20 (I know, please no jokes)
2. VO2: 35
(volume of oxygen you can consumer while exercising at your maximum capacity)
3. Body Fat: Decreased by 11% to 23%
4 Girth: Reduced girth in quad, waist and hip
5. lbs Lost: Gym scale tracked 10 pound weight lost between Feb. 1 2007 and April 13, 2007

Overall, having fitness goals beyond losing weight have really helped me get to they gym on a regular basis.