Friday, April 20, 2007

White man can almost dunk!

Today I woke up and felt great. I have really been watching what I eat and hitting the gym hard. So at lunch I decided to go play some basketball. I felt fast and explosive out there. In the first game, I started off with some electrifying reverse layups and some great offensive rebounds. I was pumped. As I thought about it, my muscles reacted to it. That is some of the benefits of getting into that awesome shape I was trying for when I decided to join this competition.

So after we were done playing the first game, I decided lets go for it. When I mean go for it, I mean lets see if I can do one of the most electrifying movements in sports, the slam dunk. Now I must warn you that I am only 6'0" and I do weigh around 200 lbs. This would be no easy accomplishment. So I took off down the lane, balancing the ball in my right hand. As I got closer to the rim, I left the ground. Like Vince Carter (or maybe more like a 31 year old weekend warrior), I could see my hand and the ball go above the rim. I thought this would be the day. CLANK... off the back of the rim. I was closer than I had been in a long time. I am sure with a volleyball I could have done it. The basketball is still just a little to big for me. Today was not a failure, but a success in my mind. I know that during the next couple of months my day will come and I will be glad to come on to the blog and announce when I, Steven Lee dunked a basketball.

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