Friday, April 13, 2007

Team Dow Jones

Our basketball team, Team Dow Jones, made its official debut last night - the session started out even, but quickly went downhill, with a loss of 33 points. On a positive note, there was a rally towards the end, up a point in the final 8 minutes. Al and I took to the court, while Noah nursed his injured foot.
While echoes of "let it rain" resounded through the small, but packed, YMCA gym, Al decided to put on a "1 man press" against the other team's top point guard, a speedy 5'9" ball of muscle who could dunk. A couple swift crossovers couldn't break Al's ankles, though at one point I thought he was on the verge of falling on his back. Al steadied himself and hunkered down, applying even more pressure. And shaken by the manaical defense, the speedy point guard was called for carrying as he tried to drive past Al - the gym erupted, ball to Team Dow Jones!
The basketball team is a definite motivator for staying in shape. With week to week improvement, by the playoffs in 7 weeks we should close the gap on these guys. And a one man press can turn into a team full court press. That is, if Noah gets off his ass.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! Don't know what I'll do if a "Yeah Team Dow Jones won pretty easily" report comes back from one of these games...