Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Can this really fit in a human's mouth?

Yesterday for lunch I had a Big Mac with Cheese. I don't know why I ate it. It wasn't even my order. I clearly said Quarter Pounder with Cheese and was genuinely upset when I came home for lunch and found a misplaced Big Mac. I thought just toss it in the trash and cook the Turkey burger in the freezer. Instead I ate it. After my Big Mac attack I plugged my points into the Weight Watchers online system and was charged 13 points.

Fortunately, the online points system credits you back points if you engage in some form of physical exercise. I quickly looked up Spinning Class at my gym and found one that started at 7:45pm. I plugged in an hour of moderate spinning into the Weight Watcher system and learned I could wipe away most of my Big Mac with an hour of spinning. At first it seemed unfair to me that it would take one hour of very intense aerobic exercise to cancel out a Big Mac that took me less than 10 minutes to eat. I suppose the 3 buns, two patties and some weird pinkish sauce all add up to mega calories. I just have to keep reminding myself to stay away from the fast food.

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D. Steven Lee said...

I am very happy that you made a point to get to the gym. Look everyone stumbles but you reacted and made sure that big mac didn't kill your day. Great job Al!!