Monday, May 14, 2007

Noah and Steve begin to pull away from the crowd

Week 6 is behind us and together we lost 9 pounds. I'm proud to report that the group has discarded some 36.8 unwanted pounds over the last 45 days.

Steve won Fat Is Wacker of the week by losing 3.6 pounds. Noah held onto his overall lead and lost 2.8 pounds in week 6. Together they are making a strong effort to pull away from the crowd.

I lost 2 pounds and Tom a half pound making the competition for third place pretty close, with only a few decimal points separating us. Frank is on route to his local Publix supermarket where he pays a quarter to weigh himself each week. The competition is tight with 82 days remaining.
Good luck and good eating.

We're also adding a guest female Fat Is Wacker to the competition this week. Mary Lee (Steve's wife) and proud mother of 3 will be joining the competition in spirit. She won't be part of the official weigh in on August 4th but wants to shed a few pounds before the summer is over. She weighed in this morning at 175 pounds.

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