Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tofu Ice Cream

Ice Cream is not part of the Cubano Gordo diet program, except when I'm at Shake Shack or when Tasti-D-Lite provides free samples for $3.00 per scoop. Absent those two weekly events I've eliminated it entirely from my diet. Some kinder friends who support my weight loss goal introduced me to Cuties TOFU ice cream like bars a few weeks ago. I've tried hard to get into them but every time I try one I just trigger a craving for the real thing. Eventually a couple of Cuties leads to a full blown relapse of my ice cream addiction. So yeah, I suppose it is fair to call Cuties a gateway food.

My addiction to ice cream began 10 years ago while serving ice cream at the iconic Stucchi's Ice Cream Parlor in Ann Arbor. I needed some extra cash and thought dealing would be better than stealing so I picked up the scoop. Every shift entitled me to one free pint of ice cream. The choices were vast and I came to have a very strong relationship with their Mackinack Island Fudge ice cream. I abandoned that career track after leaving the freezer open overnight and melting $5,000 worth of ice cream. Fortunately, the Stucchi's family was well insured.

So anyway, I'm posting the question to the group. What is better? Indulging in the occasional ice cream or suffering through the more regular Cutie? I don't want to be a fatso but I also don't want to be the guy ordering an O'Douls at the bar.


D. Steven Lee said...

I am an ice cream lover my self. What I have done now is treat myself to some Stone Cold and I usually opt for the much lower calorie sorbets which I find delicious. Treat yourself every now and then and make it an event to enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Steve means Cold Stone (Stone Cold is a WWF wrestler.)

I myself enjoy a Cold Stone creamery delight but while Steve (and even my kids!) are ordering the sorbet (which, I am sorry, is NOT ice cream) I choose a "like it" sized cup of Birthday Cake Batter WITH Sprinkles. It's awesome!

I think 1 REAL ice cream treat every once in a while is much better than 10 Cuties in one sitting (which is probably what you are consuming). Have you tried "Skinny Cows"?