Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 11.5 Update - Shame On Me!

Eleven weeks have passed since the start of El Cubano Gordo, and together the 17 contestants have lost 68 pounds.

Four weeks remain and the field is still wide open. Steve commands a strong lead but his weight loss is grinding to a hault. Annie and Chris have taken a slow and steady approach, and could chip away at Steve's lead. Niza and Angelique round out the top five with a combined 9 pounds of weight loss.

C'mon. There are four weeks left and if you are really motivated you could lose 12 pounds.

I for one am finally motivated. What has me so inspired?

Shame and fear. The idea of organizing a weight-loss competition and then showing up at the celebratory party weighing exactly what I did when I started it, or worse a pound more, is just too pathetic.

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