Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another ECG has come to an end and a whole lot of pounds have been shed. Here are the final results. I'd like to give a special shout out to Sandy Gade, who was first overall for weight loss--an awesome 25.6 pounds! She was (closely) followed by Steven Lee, who lost 24.6 pounds, and Danny Diaz, who lost 20 pounds. I'd also like to acknowledge the Miami quartet of the three Diaz brothers and Ralph Rosado, whose team--Team 5--was tops in weight loss (68.8 pounds).

However, the winning team was determined by percentage of weight lost, and that award goes to Team 4 (Steven Lee, Ian Lee, Chris Brand and Ashley Ageeb), who lost 7.77% of their weight. Congrats, guys! You've got a nice check coming your way to splurge on a highly caloric evening out.

Please note there are two tabs on the Google doc. The second tab (labeled Sheet 3) is organized by teams.

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