Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Second to last week!

While not everyone has provided me with updates this week, the biggest contenders have and there is now a NEW leader! Check it out.


Anonymous said...

I credit my new personal running record of 7 miles a few times a week! (When I started ECG I was doing 1 mile runs!)

Danny said...

Congrats Sandy!! That's awesome!

Mary L. said...

That's great Sandy! Congrats.

I do have a few concerns/comments as we are wrapping up. I was not too happy about the extension - I did not vote. If I had a vote to change the rules in the last week of the competition I probably would have said extend it 2 weeks and would have added a penalty for non-reporters.

My other concern are those people (I guess the non-reporters) who have stayed at the same weight (neither gaining or losing) for MANY weeks. Is that weight going to be accepted as their final? Will any proof be required to validate that is their actual weight on 5/22?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Danny and Mary! Mary--I agree with your comment--I wasn't too happy about the extension, but I certainly wouldn't have wanted two extra weeks! :)