Monday, March 26, 2012

Nachos. No, really.

Last year’s ECG I was a machine. I was rarely drinking alcohol, I was monitoring everything I put in my mouth. My “dessert” was 6 M&Ms. I was running distances I would have laughed about had you told me I’d been doing them regularly just a few months before and the weight was dropping off. And all I could think about was nachos. I had decided that after being so strict for so many weeks, the thing I wanted the most when ECG V was over was to unabashedly eat a whole order of nachos. I don’t even have a particular love of nachos, but the thought of consuming them was consuming me.

Dreaming about food was nothing new. Once, when I was watching my intake before my wedding, I dreamt about eating a chocolate éclair the size of a football. I awoke with a mix of guilt (as if I had actually eaten it) and relief (that no such thing exists—yet). It seemed so real!

When ECG V ended, oddly, I never had those nachos. I’d moved on. The biggest splurge I had right after was an entire bagel with cream cheese. It tasted awesome.

This time around, I haven’t really thought of what my first real “cheat” will be, but I don’t think it will be too hard to come up with something…

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Mary L. said...

I dream about nachos daily. Naaaa -choooossss......