Friday, March 23, 2007

Drown Your Leftovers in Salt?

This blog is a terrible idea. Yesterday I had lunch at Baja Fresh with my Mom and Annie. It's a Chipotle-style fresh-mex chain owned by Wendy's. The food is delicious and they promote a No Can Opener, No Microwave, No Lard philosophy which at least makes you feel like you might be eating something healthy.

After we finished our meal I thought it would be a good idea to eat my Mom's last fish taco. Right before I got my hands on her taco she started pouring water on it and said, "You can't eat the taco, what about the blog?" She then went on to explain that when she feels she's full, she will sometimes pour salt, pepper, or water on any remaining food on her plate so she is not tempted to eat it.


Noah said...

Stay strong...and ban Mexican.

CDS said...

Your gma works with my mom and they turned me to your blog...fantastic! I am trying to get my husband to drop a few along with this will be great to read.

Anyhow- my friend does something similar...she puts sugar on salty food and salt on sweets when she is done with her plate. I thought it was genious!

Albert said...

Ceci, thanks for posting.